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Stop losing traffic.
Start earning customers!

Think your opportunity is lost when a website visitor hits the close button? Think again. Exersion is a conversion optimisation tool that makes it easy for you to turn abandoning website traffic into happy customers.

The Nuts and Bolts of How Exersion Works

You've worked too hard to get people to your website. Stop wasting your valuable marketing dollars and hours, and start seeing the power one small, final offer can have to turn suspects into prospects. Here's how the magic happens.

Track Visitor Behavior

From the moment a visitor lands on your website, Exersion gets to work silently tracking their movement on your page. Through insights, such as the exact position a visitor is

Detect Exiting Visitors

Exersion can tell the exact millisecond a person leaves your page. Just as the visitor is about to leave, a sleek lightbox grabs their attention with an incentive to stay on your site a little longer.

Provide An Amazing Offer

You can cater what the visitor sees right before they leave. Make an offer to encourage them to buy, give them a reason to hand over their email address so you can capture a lead, build your social media fan base, or use a promotion to get them.

Increase Your Revenues

Put the power back in your website to drive more revenues to your business. Leverage customer data to capture more warm leads, and turn the website visitors who would otherwise disappear into happy, paying customers.

Examples of Exersion in Action

The possibilities are endless. Check out some popular examples of how to put Exersion to work for your business.


Capture visitor details before they leave


Offer product discounts to visitors


Encourage visitors to follow you on social networks


Offer coupons to encourage a purchase

Incorporating this powerful technology into your marketing strategy is easy. Exersion seamlessly integrates
with the tools you're already using to build your business.

Happy Customers

Some of the coolest website's online use Exersion
to deliver a little something extra to their website visitors.
  • Traffic Travis

  • SquashFit

  • SaleHoo

Pricing Plans

Try Exersion for free and choose a plan when your trial ends.



/ per month

  • Exersion exit tech
  • Up to 10,000 views per month
  • 60 second installation
  • Cart & form abandonment



/ per month

  • Exersion exit tech
  • Up to 50,000 views per month
  • 60 second installation
  • Cart & form abandonment
  • Premium graphic service
  • Dedicated account manager



/ per month

  • Exersion exit tech
  • Up to 500,000 views per month
  • 60 second installation
  • Cart & form abandonment
  • Premium graphic service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Complete custom configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, and we've got the answers. If you can't find the info you're looking for in our frequently asked questions below, contact us for a fast response.
Who benefits the most from Exersion?

Any company that uses their website to sell, promote, get signups, or gain lead information benefits from Exersion! No matter how you want your visitors to do business with you, Exersion can help.

What do I need to make Exersion work?

Nothing. Simply insert a single line of code (like you do with Google Analytics) and we take care of the rest. Exersion seamlessly integrates with the most popular email marketing platforms, and social media management tools on the web.

Won't adding Exersion to my website slow it down?

Exersion works quietly in the background - so quietly that your website's performance will not be affected. It is built with technology that bolsters your business without slowing it down.

Will I need to hire an expert coder to add Exersion to my website?

You do not need any expert coding skills to add Exersion to your pages. It is built to be easy for people with all technical skill levels. We also offer personal support just in case you get stuck along the way.

Won't I annoy my visitors with a popup?

Not if you make an offer that can't be refused! People love to get a great deal. With one extra incentive to work with your business, you could convert those people who leave, never to return, into happy customers.

I'm still not sure if this is for me. Can you help?

You betcha! We're here to answer questions, and get you started on the right path. Contact us anytime for help from one of our support team members.